NDIS process for a child diagnosed as ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorde)?

The NDIS process for childern are a bit different from the other processes. The government takes dealing with children seriously. Once you contact us or NDIS in regards to a child  ( birth to six years of age ) then the NDIS or us will contact The  Early Childhood Partners around Australia to deliver the Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) approach. These specialis3d are experienced in working with childer 0 to 6 years of age. The  Early Childhood Partners will talk to the parents, families or guardian, to determine each child’s current developmental presentation and impact on daily life functioning. This then assists in the determination as to what supports the child requires to bring about meaningful and positive outcomes for them and their family.

When you have an interview with Eatly childhood partner the consideration is given to what is, or should be, available through informal supports, community and mainstream supports. After that they look at funded support  within the framework of the reasonable and necessary criteria in the NDIS Act. An Early Childhood Partner will also determine whether there are substantial functional limitations requiring a coordinated long-term multidisciplinary service response.

As such, for a child, aged 0 to 6, a diagnosis is not required to meet the NDIS Act access requirements.

If you have notice something with your childs development or concern about it or already identfied it then you can contact an  Early Childhood Partner. Here use to link to find the nearest Early Childhood Partner to you on NDIS website.

As every child is different, your Early Childhood Partner will tailor supports to your child’s individual needs and circumstances.

Early Childhood Partners may also:

  • Connect you and your child with the most appropriate supports in your area, such as the community health centre, educational setting and/or a playgroup.
  • Provide some short-term early intervention where it has been identified as the most appropriate support.
  • Help you to request NDIS access if your child requires longer-term early childhood intervention supports. If your child becomes an NDIS participant, the Early Childhood Partner will work with you to develop an NDIS plan tailored to the child’s individual needs.
Reference:- NDIS website

If you are over the age of 6 and have ASD then you need to contact NDIS’s residency and access requirements. For more information visit the People with disability page on NDIS website.

It is important to remember, everyone is different so NDIS support budgets will be built around individual needs.

Reference:- NDIS website

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