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Dementia Care

Care to them in their own home

Living with dementia is not an easy thing nor caring for someone who is suffering from dementia. So whether you are living with dementia and need some assistance or you are caring for someone who is living with dementia we can help. we provide both services in-home care for dementia and respite care for the career.

Our friendly staff member visit the clients in their home helping them with their day to day activities. Our care plans are tailor-made suiting and adjusting to the needs of our clients. our main goal here is to help our client stays in their home as long as possible.

At kinship uniting services we work hand in hand with our client’s carer and family members to improving the lives of our clients and gain them independence.

For people living with dementia, we can help with.

Personal care– such as showing, dressing, eating, etc. Read more

Domestic care– getting their household chores done. Read more

Social support– getting them out and about to their family or friends. Read more

Meal preparation– cooking them meals with will enjoy accounting to their diet plan. Read more

Getting them around to their appointments. Read more

For the carer, we provide

Respite care– allowing you time to relax, rest or get to appointments. Read more

How often?

Everyone’s needs are different from time to time, therefore depending on your needs, we can set up anything from a visit to fortnightly visit. We can also change the schedule from fortnight to fortnight depending on your needs.

How much does it cost and am I eligible?

We cover everyone from 0- 95+. Whether you are a mother who needs assistance with a newborn or you are getting on in years and need help with household chores. At Kinship uniting services, there is help available for everyone.

The cost of your service depends on the funding given to you by NDIS, Age care or any other government scheme/ fund. If you’re not eligible for subsidised services, you can still get our help privately by paying us in full by yourself.

What areas do you cover?

We cover the Blacktown area. Click here for more information.

What do I do now?

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