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Domestic Assistance

We can help you with your home chores

Assisting you with washing, cleaning, ironing or even with shopping.

There can be many reasons a person can find it hard to do their household chores. It can be due to illness, disability, old age or lack of time. Whatever the reason maybe we can help. Here is what we can do for you.

How often?

Everyone’s needs are different from time to time, therefore depending on your needs, we can set up anything from a daily clean to fortnightly cleaning. We can also change the schedule from fortnight to fortnight depending on your needs. If you are feeling unwell one week we can give you a daily visit on the other hand if you are well & good and don’t need that much assistance then we can visit you once a week.

How much does it cost and am I eligible?

We cover everyone from 0- 95+. Whether you are a mother who needs assistance with a newborn or you are getting on in years and need help with household chores. At Kinship uniting services, there is help available for everyone.

The cost of your service depends on the funding given to you by NDIS, Age care or any other government scheme/ fund. If you’re not eligible for subsidised services, you can still get our help privately by paying us in full by yourself.

What areas do you cover?

We cover the Blacktown area. Click here for more information.

What do I do now?


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