Mini Services

Let’s get to you those little services you need

We at Kinship uniting services provide these mini services around Blacktown area.

Meal Preparation

Eating healthy is important for a healthy lifestyle at any age. So we do it for you. Our meal preparation service is great. we come to your home and make you a healthy meal according to your diet plan. We can assist you with.

  • preparing a meal with you,
  • preparing a meal for you,
  • Taking you food shopping.


Getting you out and about. There can be many reasons you might not be able to drive around. We are here to take you around the Blacktown. we can take you to

  • visit you, family and friends,
  • to your appointments,
  • to local community centres and shopping centres,
  • to social functions.

we will pick you up from your home and bring you back home when you are done.


We come to your home to help you recover. If you can’t manage your dressing or forget to take your medication due to dementia, we can do that for you. Our highly skilled and qualified workers can help you with;

  • Medication– our workers can help you remember and manage your medication, prescriptions, injections and tablets.
  • Terminal illness care– we can care and support you in the comfort of your own home, visiting you every day.
  • Wound dressing:- we can help you dress your wounds.
  • Maternity care:- if you are recovering from a hard labour, we can help you with respite care or giving you personal care.
  • Chronic disease management– we can help you manage your condition with the help of your doctor in the comfort of your own home.

How often?

Everyone’s needs are different from time to time, therefore depending on your needs, we can set up anything from regular visit to fortnightly visit. We can also change the schedule from fortnight to fortnight depending on your needs.

How much does it cost and am I eligible?

We cover everyone from 0- 95+. Whether you are a mother who needs assistance with a newborn or you are getting on in years and need help with household chores. At Kinship uniting services, there is help available for everyone.

The cost of your service depends on the funding given to you by NDIS, Age care or any other government scheme/ fund. If you’re not eligible for subsidised services, you can still get our help privately by paying us in full by yourself.

What areas do you cover?

We cover the Blacktown area. Click here for more information.

What do I do now?


Book a one on one talk with us by emailing us (2)



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