We are here to help. We provide;

Personal Care Assistance

There comes a time in our life when doing day to day activities can get hard. If you or someone you know needs help with getting ready or moving around the house, we can help. The lack of mobility can happen due to age, disability, accident or health condition. We can provide the client with in-home service where we can help them with: Continue reading  →

Respite Care

It can be hard looking after someone day and night even though you love them. There is nothing wrong with taking time out for yourself and taking care of your own mental and emotional health. We here at kinship uniting services recognise this need of yours as a caregiver. Therefore we offer respite care service to you. While you are away taking care of your needs or just taking a break, we look after whom you look after like our own. So don’t worry if you need to go to work, to an appointment, taking care of your home or just need a break. We are here to help. Continue reading →

Social Support

Being active, getting out of the house, meeting friends or even just going for a stroll can be really good for anyone’s health. it does not only make you physically healthy but also does wonders for our emotional health too. At kinship uniting services we know the value of social support. So we are here to take you out wherever you want to go. Continue reading →

Domestic Assistance

There can be many reasons a person can find it hard to do their household chores. It can be due to illness, disability, old age or lack of time. Whatever the reason maybe we can help. Here is what we can do for you. Continue reading →

Dementia Care

Living with dementia is not an easy thing nor caring for someone who is suffering from dementia. So whether you are living with dementia and need some assistance or you are caring for someone who is living with dementia we can help. Continue reading →

Mini Services

We at Kinship uniting services provide these mini services around Blacktown area. Meal Preparation, transportation and nursing. Continue reading →

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