Does the NDIS cover mental health conditions as well?

IS depression covered by NDIS? Yes. The NDIS does cover mental health but they use the term psychosocial disability (PDF) to describe any functional impairment, arising from mental health issues. Therefore NDIS will perform an assessment. While not everyone with a mental health condition will experience psychosocial disability, those who do can experience severe effectsContinue reading “Does the NDIS cover mental health conditions as well?”

NDIS process for a child diagnosed as ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorde)?

The NDIS process for childern are a bit different from the other processes. The government takes dealing with children seriously. Once you contact us or NDIS in regards to a child  ( birth to six years of age ) then the NDIS or us will contact The  Early Childhood Partners around Australia to deliver theContinue reading “NDIS process for a child diagnosed as ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorde)?”

Who approves a plan?

All plans are approved by the NDIS. Depending on the person you are talking to in NDIS sometime they can approve your plan. If they do not have the authority to do it or need to consult a colleague. They will pass it on to the appropriate person. If your circumstance or needs change inContinue reading “Who approves a plan?”

How to signup to NDIS

When you want to get support for your self or a family member. The first thing that you might ask is how can I get funding. Well, you have few choices. NDIS–  the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)  is an independent statutory agency of  The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA). NDIS supports Australians with aContinue reading “How to signup to NDIS”